Winter Soundscapes 2014

by Christopher Short - Guitartronics

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Total time: 2 hours 17 minutes

This album grew out of the Song A Day project. The basic idea was to work fast and intuitively. Keep producing music in the moment.

The project ran from January 5th 2014 to March 19th 2014. Once the project was closed out pieces that were similar or flowed together well were ported off to separate albums.

A new chapter was opened March 20th 2014 called Harmonia Decus - Spring Soundscapes 2014. Focus of the new project was to do shorter more discernibly guitar based pieces.

Satellite Albums that came from the Winter Soundscapes are:

* Ancient Music of the Krell
* Moon Furniture Music - Musique d’ameublement
* Expeditions of the Psychonaut (in progress)
*The Pearl ~ Reflections in Glassine Subliminality
* Psilosonic Gardenia - Early Guitartronics 1987​-​1995 (in progress)
* Musica Automatica de Carnivale (in progress)

Notes from the project:

The idea here is to finish a piece of music a day. Simple.

Some of the pieces will be very spacey/ambient, some very textural and glitchy. I'm going to let the day, my mood and imagination lead where it will.

I'm hoping this will be a great journey.

There are times when laboring over a piece of work is a necessity and there are times for me when it is detrimental. I had recently hit one of the detrimental spots in my creative life and needed some "fresh air".

It started with a thirty day experiment where I daily produced a finished drawing and published it. By working this way I found the decisions I made during the process resulted in fresher looking work as well as arriving at resolves I normally wouldn't have.

I had gotten myself into a creative rut of sorts. Fussing almost endlessly over a piece of music. It was time I approached music making differently so I decided to try the same approach to my soundscapes; which had burgeoned to over twenty "albums" worth of material.

I have a two or three step process depending on how one looks at it. I will produce musical "sketches" which I then refine into a finished piece, much like a painter would start with a sketch as an under drawing to use as a guide when applying the finishing layers of paint on the canvas. I also have a process where I will take sounds either singly or in groups and process or treat the audio in ways I find interesting and then later take these interesting bits and combine them to form a composition or act as an idea generator for a new piece.

The difference between the two is one is played with an instrument (in my case usually a guitar) and in the other it uses an already recorded sound that is manipulated or treated.

For this cycle of the project I made some brand new pieces and in some cases added new overdubs to existing pieces and in others simply finished older works that had not been published yet. All the while keeping in mind the finish a piece a day motto in the back of my mind.

In some cases I wasn't always able to meet my goal, life has a way of creeping in; and in some cases what I started to find were unfinished collaborations that I was able to re-start with the help of the creative partners in those endeavors. Collaborations tend to be a little slower as all parties involved have to give the stamp of approval so in some cases I was working behind the scenes to complete the music. Always though with the idea of finishing QUICKLY and keeping the pace going.


released January 5, 2014

Christopher Short: Guitartronics, Atmospheres

Production,Sonic treatments and final assemblage: Christopher Short

Label Cosmicdreamscapes: CDS-007



all rights reserved


Cosmicdreamscapes Christopher Short Guitartronics Roan Mountain, Tennessee

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Guitartronics might be more accurately defined as "musique concrète with guitar being the main sound source. It is focused on envelopes, forms and atmosphere
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